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Gold has one of the most important thing in common with all other commodities: it is produced by human labor. Labor creates the value of gold, like any commodity. Magnitude of the value determined by the amount of labor required under normal conditions of production units for the production of goods, in this case, to get an ounce or a gram of gold. Gold images are great.

Choosing gold jewelry, you should pay attention to alloys that make up the product. If you suffer from allergies to nickel and other metals, choose jewelry with high gold content, for example, with 18 - or 22-karat gold. If you are going to wear the same jewelry all my life, do not skimp on quality and buy from the best gold, which can afford. Any piece of gold can be converted into a large area of ??the thinnest plate. Gold does not blacken in the air and remains always the same brilliant and beautiful, for which he was sometimes called the "eternal metal." Gold jewelry will never go out of fashion, and for good reason: they are not only beautiful in themselves, but magically transform you, too, giving the particle its charm. Besides, buying and selling gold - it's just one of the tools save money (not the most profitable, but one of the most reliable). Here you can fing many gold pictures, gold images, gold photo.