Gold images and photos - Page 2

Many nations of the world gold - a symbol of high dignity and worth of ... white, black, blue gold. As a symbol, the word is firmly established in the proverbs and sayings.The highest achievements in science, arts, sports, decided to celebrate gold medals. Gold has a direct relation to a number of events in world history - good and bad, serious and minor. Gold images and gold photos in this gallery.

Look for the cause of these events and actions of many people in the properties or characteristics of the gold is just as absurd as, for example, accuse steel, and uranium, used to make lethal weapon to destroy people. After becoming the equivalent of an economic exchange, a small gold coin allowed to buy large amounts of food or clothing. Thus, gold for thousands of years - one of the most secure facilities investment. This metal is highly valued in all countries, with any authority at all times. He was not afraid of no war, no accident, nor the financial turmoil.