White Gold

At the end of the XIX century American Emmens declared that he had found an unknown element, which in the Mendeleev must take place between the gold and silver. He called his argentaurum - from Argentum / silver / and Aurum / Gold /.

Doctors Emmensa known in scientific circles in the U.S., he was a member of scientific societies, moreover, the inventor of the explosive emmensita. He walked in the first discoverers emmensovoy isloty, but soon figured out that Emmens just "renamed" picric acid. Could not find doctor understanding and when he proposed the structural formula of magnetite. These failures have characterized more as Emmensa dreamer than a scientist.

Emmens once pondered the question: what distinguishes the noble metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and of other metals, in addition to their stability? He noted the first density, which increases from silver to gold and platinum. From the doctor concluded that if significantly reduce the distance between atoms in the metal, you can easily get the precious metals, with a higher density. And then he remembered Emmens same unknown element, which was neither gold, nor silver, and which he called argentaumom. If you loosen the structure, you get silver, squeeze - gold. A playful mind was running on: the process of compression-loosening is not something new, and runs continuously in nature.

Emmens immediately noticed that his idea smacks of alchemy. Associate his name with the medieval obscurantist not want to, but it spurred confidence in the correctness and, of course, pride.

In order to publicly prove that his idea works, April 15, 1897 Emmens sold to New York Mint six alloy ingots of gold and silver / the very argentauruma / USD 954 for Lara 80 cents. Now he's curious present a receipt for each mint. Then Emmens monthly by the same procedure for selling two ingots weighing from 200 to 500, the newspapers have carried on the statement of Dr. Light: "I am confident that the year will be able to increase gold production to 50,000-argentauruma ounces per month."

Emmens willing to advertise and sell wishing to test new agents for testing and research for 75 cents 1 year had a lot of Curious. Interested in innovation and the British physicist William Crookes, who had intended to tell you about the new miracle material to readers the London magazine "Chemical Nyuya."

Crooks was a recognized authority. Statement scientist said that for him has always been important to penetrate the murky area between the known and unknown. These words of Crookes could understand and just because a scientist engaged in research of spiritualistic phenomena by physical methods. It is so to be influenced by the mediums that he began to believe in sverhestestvennye forces, diligently recorded the psychic forces that worked on medium scales. Crooks and believed in the "materialization" of the dead: their spirit arose at the will of the medium. There were even "pictures" of spirits, which is adjacent to Crooks visitors from another world.

Such deviations adversely affect the name Crookes in academic circles, especially because he was a member of the Royal Society, which included only the most outstanding scientists of the world.

Sure, colleagues repeatedly tried to convince Crookes, the scientist pointed out the results of physical research, and swore in their infallibility. And then a man came in with Emmensom.

American willingly revealed his secret doctrine. The main paragraph that the process is the high-pressure machine, which Emmens intends to obtain a patent. With this machine, pieces of silver exposed to strong shocks by compression to become first in argentaurum, and then in white gold.

Crooks are not satisfied with the familiarity with the idea and demanded a detailed description of the process. Then Emmens suggested Crookes himself to conduct an experiment: expose the Mexican silver dollar powerful blows in a steel cylinder at low temperatures. So does he personally with his car giving leniya. Emmens assured the Englishman that if a sufficiently long time to beat on the coin, the more painful or less increase in the content of gold in the dollar will necessarily be fixed.

Mexican silver dollars were just the mystery of Dr. Emmensa. March 16, 1897 he passed the U.S. Assay Office in New York, the Mexican dollar asking you to verify whether there is gold in it. The result was negative. After a while Emmens reappeared in the Assay Office, this time he brought the study of four Mexican dollars of which were separated halves. The analysis again gave a negative result. The remaining halves of the coins Emmens was processed by the method in his own laboratory. Now they are contained, according to Dr. Emmensa, another metal which is consistent with research on all gold. After analyzing the Assay Chamber has acquired metal like gold.

With the enthusiastic young man, Sir William Crookes set to work. He took the Mexican dollar, and put sawdust and steel cylinder with a clever mechanism to weed out hit him on the piston every second .. The cylinder was cooled by dry ice. The audience eagerly awaited the result. Crooks recorded a slight increase in the amount of gold - from 0.062 to 0.075. The increase in the limits of error definition, not get rich here.

Otherwise, the study looked at Crookes Emmens. American estimates that the gold content increased by 21%, then you need to give the silver until until there are large amounts of gold. Crooks dismissed these arguments and took up the study argentauruma. The result was withering: it contains only gold, silver and a little copper. In the spectrum there were no new lines of an unknown element.


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It seems that only spurred the experiments of Crookes Emmensa enthusiasm. He organized a syndicate. To the company does not suspected in the production of gold, Emmens has announced that a syndicate "Argentaurum" intended to promote the progress of science. Shall be a prize of $ 500 for the most detailed overview of the unity of matter and the possibility of obtaining gold from other elements. Another $ 500 is spent on explaining the problem, why the density and properties of matter change the compression and cooling.

Parallel Emmens raise prestige, regularly publishing their own scientific work. By combining a series of articles about argentaurume, he published a book. In the introduction: the author wrote: "We offer $ 10,000 to anyone who finds scientific errors in this book."

Waste of money to promote his theory was worth the candle. Even in a specific area of ??competition reigned. When Emmens selling bullion Assay Chamber, Edward Brice in Chicago filed a patent application. He proposed to fabricate gold and silver from lead, tin and antimony. As can be seen, a competitor to use cheaper raw materials. Twice the U.S. Patent Office rejected the application of Mr. Bryce, and then the inventor with his lawyers did get permission to conduct tests on the New York Mint. There is no doubt that Emmens and carefully followed the course of testing. Bryce worked with three pounds of antimony, two pounds of sulfur, iron and a pound of powder a small amount of coal. Judging by the composition of components, Bryce recipe borrowed from his colleagues of the Middle Ages. The commission, headed Mint Director Preston, stated that the minimum success is obtained only by using the sales of antimony, which contained traces of gold. With a pure raw effect is zero.

Failure colleagues did not make a noticeable impression on Emmensa. He still hammered gold and silver sold it to the state. This drawn-out story began to annoy the public in February 1899 the newspaper "New York Herald" put the question bluntly: "Is not Dr. Emmens modern Rosicrucian? This person does gold and sell it to the treasury of the United States! Can Dr. Emmens to show commission of citizens that the process by which he makes of the Mexican gold dollars?

Emmens did not want to be known as a follower of Rosicrucian and took vyvyzov. The doctor said that the eyes of the prominent citizens of the American society is going to turn into gold coinage of silver 100 000 ounces, which is about 3110 kg.

But the commission is not met and the review never took place. Director of the New orc State Mint and inventor Nicholas Teslsa categorically refused to participate in the play conceived.

The story gradually forgotten, and Emmens soon ceased production of gold. As usual in such cases, a variety of creeping rumors - one incredible the other, but eventually received explanation gold producer Dr. Emmensom.


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