Gold images and photos

Everyone has seen the gold images. Gold - rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, dental crowns.
Everyone knows that gold is expensive. More precisely, in a small amount of weight and it has great value. The same weight of silver is worth in the tens of copper - and hundreds of thousands, and iron - in the tens of thousands of times smaller. Therefore, gold - a precious metal.

Gold images are beautiful. It has an intense yellow color, which can have different colors depending on the nature of impurities. The word "gold" in the Slavic and other Indo-European languages contain root words for yellow. Many images of gold you can find on this site.

Since time immemorial, people were made of gold jewelry different. Many of them are the most valuable monuments of human culture. How to keep the greatest treasures of the world museums Ancient Egyptian, Scythian, Thracian gold things work the Indians pre-Columbian America, the product of skilful masters of the Middle Ages and modern times. The modern jewelry industry produces a lot of gold objects of very different artistic and monetary value.

This is gallery of gold images.